Is Tim Burton’s BATMAN the Best Batman Movie?

“You wanna get nuts?! Let’s get nuts!”

An astonishing, lavish production of classic German Expressionist cinema with a blockbuster budget, tied together by Tim Burton’s expressive decorum. Amazing performances that conceal a thudding disappointment when it comes to the action scenes. It also completely bellyflops in the second half, losing any sense of urgency and identity. Batman resolves to merely plot along, struggling to unify its disparate cast of characters for anything more than a fist fight.Continue reading “Is Tim Burton’s BATMAN the Best Batman Movie?”

Batman (1966): The Best Batman Movie?

“The nobility of the almost-human porpoise.”

A god damn riot. Sincerely hilarious without an ounce of cynicism in its body. Goofy, referential, amazing setup/punchline ratio set in the wondrous Technicolor world of 1966’s Gotham City.

Every bit as defining as the Nolan trilogy, BATMAN: THE MOVIE plays with groundbreaking satirical elements of the character, his iconography and the political climate of the 1960’s. Deadpool couldn’t even muster a wet dream about this level of comedy.

Through everything, Batman also retains a sense of optimism about its characters and a legitimate conflict by the finale. It leaves us with a sense that people can be better, and how they might even do better.

Also, this exchange:

“Avast and belay, Batman! Your tone sounds rather grim. I hope we haven’t done anything foolish!”
“Disposing of pre-atomic submarines to persons who don’t even leave their full addresses? Good day, Admiral!”

Incredible. Listen on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes.

LOVE, SIMON: One Year Anniversary

Jack: Hey, I thought maybe we could sign up for grindr together.
Simon: You don’t know what grindr is, do you?
Jack: It’s facebook for gay people.
Simon … not what it is.

A charming as hell movie about growing up, coming out, and the validity of experience. Fuck ups, dishonesty and disregard for others identity are the only things that hold these characters back from overcoming obstacles in this story. A comfort blanket made of warmth and acceptance in a world that sometimes offers very little. I love this sweet little movie.

In honor of the one year anniversary, Let’s Talk About LOVE, SIMON: