The Best Scene in Movie History

There is a lot to say about the sequels to John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s original Halloween film. Some good things. Some bad things. But every blue moon we are graced with something truly special. Good? That’s arbitrary. What this is… is cinema

Happy Halloween!

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DUEL: Spielberg’s Man and the Elements

Duel is a film directed to near perfection, its technical efficiency meant to highlight on the “experience” rather than have its logistical details parsed out. It’s something elemental, like the villainous vehicle crawled out of the dirt of the seemingly endless California desert that has served as a tomb for so many other drivers. The telephone lines might as well be crosses in a graveyard. What can man do against such rudimentary construct of primal rage? It’s Spielberg’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His Earth-Jaws. With so many attempts at bringing in a “proper” third Terminator film, we may as well reconvene and name Duel the secret prequel in the tale of man vs. machine.Continue reading “DUEL: Spielberg’s Man and the Elements”

A Movie About US

Us is a 2019 horror film directed by Jordan Peele. What Us is actually *about* seems to be a cinematic Rorschach test. Each viewer seems to away with different interpretations and readings, none truly invalid all applicable. But what are these readings all about? What do we see in Us and why do we see it?Continue reading “A Movie About US”

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 2 & Structure Through Emotion

“I’m gonna make some weird shit.” 

It’s a hilarious revelation Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord offers as he realizes his true potential as a possible God (little “g” on the days they’re feeling humble). I like to imagine this line was also the mentality behind the pitch writer/director James Gunn made when he told Marvel Studios about his plan for the second adventure of the Guardians. Not content with simply world-building, this new story focuses on building the characters.Continue reading “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 2 & Structure Through Emotion”

BATMAN RETURNS: Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas

Batman Returns might be a terrible adaptation of the caped crusader. Forsaking the comic book origins of a man who will not kill, Tim Burton’s sequel to the cinematic game-changer delves further into a heart of darkness. Though this iteration comes at the expense of individuals who have had their humanity taken from them by status in Gotham’s economical hierarchy.Continue reading “BATMAN RETURNS: Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas”

The Diego Not-Oscars-But-Still-Awards

Woof. Movies. amiright?

Awards season is usually a disaster but this year feels extra apocalyptic, especially since the year prior felt… good? Like a step forward at least. In terms of not just representation, but movies that people actually giving a shit about receiving recognition. The nominees got weirder in a fun way. And Guillermo Del Toro took home Best Picture so hell yeah. This year felt like leaps backwards, with the occasional surprising picks. Some were even deserved! Whatever, the people currently in charge of the Academy are among the lowest quality of dumbassery. So I’ll just share my picks.Continue reading “The Diego Not-Oscars-But-Still-Awards”