DUEL: Spielberg’s Man and the Elements

Duel is a film directed to near perfection, its technical efficiency meant to highlight on the “experience” rather than have its logistical details parsed out. It’s something elemental, like the villainous vehicle crawled out of the dirt of the seemingly endless California desert that has served as a tomb for so many other drivers. TheContinue reading “DUEL: Spielberg’s Man and the Elements”


“The night, it’s deafening.” One of the first images in Near Dark is young Adrian Pasdar as Caleb, slapping a mosquito as it draws blood from his arm. A nuisance, not something to be thought of twice. Caleb is relaxing against the moody Midwestern sky without a care in the world. The only thing drawing his attention isContinue reading “BLOOD, HEDONISM, AND HUMANITY IN NEAR DARK”


“Does this word not sound to you like the midnight cry of the Deathbird. Take care in saying it, lest life’s images fade into shadows and ghostly dreams rise from your heart and nourish themselves on your blood. Long have I contemplated the origin and recession of the Great Death in my hometown of Wisborg. HereContinue reading “NOSFERATU: INTO THE LAND OF THIEVES AND SPECTRES”

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in 35mm: So long, Tobe Hooper

We lost Tobe Hooper this year. A legendary filmmaker who created among the most powerful and exuberant genre films the world has ever seen. How appropriate then that a 35 mm screening of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be projected at BeyondFest, a film festival showcasing film culture’s fun house genre appeal. Don Coscarelli, Mick Garris,Continue reading “THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in 35mm: So long, Tobe Hooper”

Let’s Talk About CinemaSins

Featured image from this video Would you say Coca Cola is better than Pepsi? Sure, if you felt that way there’s no reason for you not to. They have similar tastes, look and consistency. There are grounds for comparison. Would you compare Pepsi to an orange soda? Sure, it’s a soda. But if you’re lookingContinue reading “Let’s Talk About CinemaSins”

Dream Warriors Take Back Elm Street

Originally written on the 30th anniversary of Dream Warriors Abuse and generational torment were always part of the thematic underpinnings of the Nightmare on Elm Street film series. In the first NOES ,the budget relegated dream sequences to a more lucid effect (not to discredit the great-late Wes Craven, whose directorial prowess gave the filmContinue reading “Dream Warriors Take Back Elm Street”