IT & CHAPTER TWO: A Tale of Two Tale’s

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*spoilers below*

There’s really no reason why this shouldn’t work, right? Granted, adapting such a lengthy book with such hard R material must have been a minor nightmare to get made. It’s no mistake the reboot had been trying to get off the ground since 2009. Minor miracles are part of getting any production to the screen but that they assembled such a talented group of actors and crew members, including cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon (Park Chan-wook’s go-to DP) for part one, is something worth commending.  The on-camera talent is not the problem here and yes, you’ve heard correct that Bill Hader as adult Richie Tozer is just terrific here. Accolades should also be tossed onto James Ransone, who gets to bounce off Hader as adult Eddie Kasbrak. All the actors are great and manage to play well together in spite of some truly terrible dramatic coverage. It’s here where the second half of this story sinks when it should soar. Because for a nearly three hour movie that is supposedly based around characters rediscovering their own history, it’s shockingly void of any actual character direction.Continue reading “IT & CHAPTER TWO: A Tale of Two Tale’s”