“The nobility of the almost-human porpoise.”

A god damn riot. Sincerely hilarious without an ounce of cynicism in its body. Goofy, referential, amazing setup/punchline ratio set in the wondrous Technicolor world of 1966’s Gotham City.

Every bit as defining as the Nolan trilogy, BATMAN: THE MOVIE plays with groundbreaking satirical elements of the character, his iconography and the political climate of the 1960’s. Deadpool couldn’t even muster a wet dream about this level of comedy.

Through everything, Batman also retains a sense of optimism about its characters and a legitimate conflict by the finale. It leaves us with a sense that people can be better, and how they might even do better.

Also, this exchange:

“Avast and belay, Batman! Your tone sounds rather grim. I hope we haven’t done anything foolish!”
“Disposing of pre-atomic submarines to persons who don’t even leave their full addresses? Good day, Admiral!”

Incredible. Listen on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes.