Following an Academy Award win for Best Original Screenplay, what better time to recommend Get Out to any and all people? The tragic truth is, it continues be a relevant time to recommend Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. Not only for its technical precision and horrifying cinematic compositions, but for how it uses these tools to tell a story about being a black person in a predominantly white environment.

Black bodies framed as objects of commodities, vessels of fetishization.

“We’re not racist! We just love black people so much we literally hijack their autonomy for our own purposes.”

Not the take-down of blatant in your face racism people were probably expecting prior to this. Rather, Jordan Peele utilizes his confidence behind the camera to analyze horrifying implications and far-spreading reach of liberal racism.

“I would’ve voted for Obama for a third term… Black is in style.”

Chris isn’t viewed as a person. He’s just another statistic to a system that has no interest in who he is, but what he could offer a crowd of white faces.

Thank god for T. S. Motherfuckin’ A. Let Jordan Peele make whatever the fuck he wants. This has the confidence of a seasoned veteran and the energy of a slumbering giant awoken by a need to express brilliance. An instant horror classic.

I did a commentary with my podcast for more fleshed out, extended thoughts on the Get Out, its influences and how race can and should matter behind the camera. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Identity is arguably more so.

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