As if I wasn’t already fucking horrified of clowns. It is a weird situation for me. The book is a bonafide horror classic that I adore… minus one gigantic diversion towards the end of the childhood part of the story involving the most absurd and unsettling way to showcase a “loss of innocence” within the story. The TV adaptation is a staple of the medium but apart from Tim Curry doesn’t actually have that much to offer for me. Cary Fukunaga’s version sounded horrifying (and it’s my understanding most of his draft will make it onto the big screen here) but that went the way of Ant-Man. So I’ve always had an attachment to It. Every version of it just has one or two aspects that hold me back. What will Andrés Muschietti’s version offer? I’ll find out September 8th, 2017.

Here are some screengrabs for your eyeballs.

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